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Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability

VOSIEDA assesses the impacts of climate change on ecosystems and undertakes multi-stakeholder dialogues to protect vulnerable natural resources. Also, through ecosystem-based mitigation, adaptation, and disaster risk reduction, we work with partners and local communities to carries out field projects to protect and conserve the tropical forest, biodiversity, mangroves, and coastal ecosystems. Besides, we particularly work to advance gender equality in natural resources management, including through women’s empowerment and valuing the unique knowledge, roles, and capacities of women, as key to effective, efficient, equitable, and sustainable environmental solutions.

Food Security & Livelihoods Enhancement

Our food security & livelihoods enhancement program empowers smallholder farmers to transform agriculture from lonely struggles for survival to business enterprises capable of increasing incomes and improving food security. Besides, we work to empower and build the capacity of rural women to ensure that gender equality in food security and environment outcomes are realized in Liberia and the Mano River Basin region.

Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equality

Our project women’s empowerment and gender equality projects work in Liberia and the subregion to address violence against women and girls by fighting poverty and empowering women in their efforts to take part in decision-making at all levels and promote leadership and participation of women. In our development projects, we tailor our activities towards meeting the different needs of women and men in a way that promotes equality between them.

Governance & Social Accountability

Our Governance and Social Accountability Program promotes participatory, representative, and inclusive political processes and institutions; greater accountability of institutions and leaders to citizens and to the law; and recognition of universally recognized human rights.

Media & Civic Society Strengthening

Our media and civil society strengthening program delivers technical and advisory services to strengthen grassroots institutions, women-led and women rights CSOs through capacity building. Also, we create platforms for the participation of the private sector and non-state actors in identifying and addressing development priorities at both community and national levels. Besides, we work to  advance freedom of information and expression and accelerate digital media to promote opportunities for citizens to add their voice to public debates and decisions to make the sub region free, safe, equitable, and democratic.

Advocacy & Social Sustainability

In Liberia and the West Africa subregion, we advocate for social sustainability and work with governments and companies (public and private) in three areas:

(1) To foster public-private partnerships and enhance private sector innovation and reach while holding it accountable.

(2) To improve the lives of the people they affect by creating decent jobs, goods, and services that help meet basic needs and more inclusive value chains.

(3) To make strategic social investments and promote public policies that support social sustainability. And Partner with businesses to make good quality positive impacts on communities.