Innovation Enterprise Liberia

Innovation Enterprise Liberia (IEL) is an agri-business support program within the VOSIEDA portfolio in Liberia that provides high-quality agricultural business development services through building the capacity of smallholder farmers to build trust, and transparent business relationships among actors.

Incorporates and Improves the Performance of Small-Scale Farmers into Sustainable Supply Chains

VOSIEDA works to improve the performance of small-scale farmer supply chains. Our team implements an inclusive Farm-to-Market model through an integrated supply chain to empower SMEs to source horticultural produce directly from smallholder farmers throughout rural Liberia.

Through our inclusive business model, we provide access to finance, crop-specific inputs, and support services to smallholder farmers resulting in increased productivity, loyalty, and lower transaction costs. The inclusive model improves livelihoods and enables sustainable linkages to urban markets through contracts or supply agreements.

Enhances Access to Safer and Healthier Food, and Products

VOSIEDA is committed to incentivizing initiatives and production practices that make safer, healthier, and more sustainable food accessible to people while protecting the planet. VOSIEDA accomplishes this through its active role in championing a fundamentally different food system in which healthy and sustainable food is affordable and available to all through mainstream channels such as supermarkets, farmers’ markets, school canteens, hospitals, etc. 

VOSIEDA organizes farmers based on the capacity of the SMEs and meets basic food safety and traceability standards. Our out-grower management system provides evidence of the traceability of produce alongside producers’ profiles and unique identifiable codes.

Establishes Agribusiness Clusters and Provide Targeted Coaching

Agribusiness Cluster is a network of local value chain actors interacting in a given geographical area to produce an agricultural commodity for a target market through a common or shared vision.

VOSIEDA is establishing agribusiness throughout its work. To sustain the activities in a cluster, VOSIEDA works through local, trusted agribusiness coaches to broker linkages between value chain actors: farmers, input suppliers, transport services, credit services, traders, local processors, and final off-takers and ultimately transform clusters into efficient, sustainable and profitably operating partnerships.

Our trainers support these actors to address jointly identified business constraints in their specific value chain/s.

Providing Training to Improve Horticulture Market Share through Eco-efficient Production Systems

VOSIEDA supports the actors with a given agribusiness cluster to jointly address evolving business constraints in value chains, such as maintaining consistent quantity and quality of vegetable standards, building the capacity of smallholder farmers in GAPs, business skills, financial education, and brokering linkages between value chain actors.

We design our training approach to change attitudes and behaviors, imparting knowledge and developing skills while maximizing the benefits of participation, knowledge exchange, and ownership.

VOSIEDA offers support services to its business champions (SMEs and farmer groups) and partners to encourage inclusive agribusiness, enabling them to produce, transform and supply quality food products. These products go to local and regional markets, including to base of the pyramid of consumers.

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