Open Development Liberia

Open Development Liberia is an ICT platform that uses Information and Communication Technology to improve accountability, natural resources management, education, and health for the sustainable and equitable development of Liberia.



Health And Wellbeing

Every year hundreds of thousands of children and women die from preventable causes in Liberia. Health authorities would prevent half of these deaths if their decisions were always base on data. ODL is making health data and information accessible. Also running mass media campaigns to change communities’ behaviors and enhance data-driven decision-making

Climate And Environment

Climate and environmental threats require data, platforms to engage stakeholders, inform communities of impending danger, and enhance effective responses. ODL is harnessing critical data and climate information to improve policy decision-making, empower communities to adapt, change destructive behaviors, and save our environment and the climate.

Socioeconomic Development

Data can improve people’s lives in many ways. For example, one cannot build schools without knowing how many children need to be enrolled. Despite this, the lack of data and development information is hurting Liberians ability to make quality policy decisions. ODL makes socioeconomic data accessible and runs mass media campaigns to enhance data-driven decisions.

Open Development Liberia Platforms, Initiatives and Partnerships

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Civil Society Independent Monitoring of Forest Law Enforcement and Governance in Liberia