Open Development Liberia

Open Development Liberia aims to use information and communication technology to achieve sustainable and fair development in Liberia and the subregion. Our goal is to address healthcare, accountability, and social and economic development by using VOSIEDA’s technology-responsive platform, which challenges traditional norms and rebuilds the region. We invite you to join us in supporting our cause and being a part of our goal of promoting positive changes through effective ICT management. By working together, we can promote sustainable and fair development and create a brighter future for Liberia and the Mano River Basin in West Africa.

Health & Wellbeing

Access to health information is crucial for making informed decisions. Making this information readily available in a simple and understandable format can go a long way in promoting good health practices. With the use of mobile phones and data labs, individuals can easily detect illnesses early on and seek appropriate healthcare services within their local communities.

The ODL ICT for Health and Wellbeing program also focuses on utilizing technology for better health outcomes, especially in communities where there are financial constraints or where health systems require additional support to cater to the needs of the people.

Transparency & Accountability

Access to accurate information is crucial for making well-informed decisions and taking action to develop various regions. Transparency and accountability are critical prerequisites for successful development. Precise information about the natural environment, government, public services, policies, budgets, and objectives is essential to achieving desired outcomes.

To build transparency and accountability, ODL has developed four interconnected steps. First, we support the collection and sharing of information on laws, regulations, procedures, and the commitments and performance of various actors. Second, we ensure that this data or information is accessible to other relevant actors and the broader public. Third, we encourage actors to use data in their work to inform priorities, planning, and campaigns for raising awareness or initiating change. Finally, we use evidence-based advocacy and data to engage with duty bearers such as the government, private sector, or other actors on a particular issue to bring about change.

Social & Economic Development

Data is essential for making informed decisions in all aspects of life. In Liberia, the lack of information social and economic development is preventing policymakers from making quality decisions.

ODL Social and Economic Development is working to solve this by making data easily accessible and promoting the use of data in decision-making through ICT and media campaigns. This way, Liberia can get the necessary information to build schools, hospitals and address other socio-economic issues.

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