Who We Are

VOSIEDA is committed to creating thriving and eco-conscious communities that prioritize fairness, self-esteem, and mutual respect for all.

Volunteers for Sustainable Development in Africa (VOSIEDA)

VOSIEDA work with communities, governments and development partners to promotes prosperity, reduces poverty, and strengthens peace in Liberia and West Africa’s Mano River Union Basin. Our work inspires others to create positive change and move towards a more equitable communities in West Africa.


The prime focus of VOSIEDA is to promote economic growth and social development, by addressing extreme poverty, amplifying economic opportunities, preserving the natural resources, and fostering tranquility and stability.

We are incubator of grassroots innovators

We nurture innovators to create a better future for marginalized communities and individuals in West Africa’s Mano River Union. Our community-driven development initiatives focus on systemic changes for long-term sustainable benefits that positively impact individuals and communities in the region. Our commitment to providing innovative solutions remains unwavering.

We are community-builders

For over two decades, VOSIEDA has consistently provided opportunities for numerous local volunteers, who have in turn dedicated their time and resources to facilitate sustainable projects, ranging from environmental conservation and food security to women empowerment. Our unwavering commitment to ensuring the betterment of lives in the Mano River basin of West Africa remains resolute.

We work differently

We work to collaborate with local groups, prioritize and solve issues related to poverty. Our goal is to empower participants by providing resources, skills, and networks so they can work together to improve their quality of life. We believe that active participation, ownership, and successful outcomes are essential to overcoming extreme poverty in West Africa. Our commitment to this cause is unwavering.

We think differently

We’re exploring ways to end poverty in West Africa by using innovation and creativity. We’re empowering vulnerable populations with information to advocate for change and prosperity in the Mano River Basin.

Our Priorities

Our organization holds a prominent position within our industry as an established entity with unwavering values. Our concentration is on addressing sustainable development challenges, invoking deeply ingrained community values in all aspects of our work. Central to our core principles is the recognition of every community’s uniqueness, and our commitment to finding customized solutions aiding in the elimination of poverty. Collaboration with stakeholders and paying attention to the beneficiaries’ requirements is key in providing successful and long-lasting benefits.

Our methods foster innovation, excellence and constant learning, leading us to develop successful, sustainable solutions. Employing a sectoral and issue-based approach, our goals prioritize empowering individuals, families, and entire communities in order to eradicate extreme poverty. Our dedication to achieving lasting change and creating a lasting legacy within society is steadfast.

We Promote Volunteerism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Development

As a passionate team of volunteers, we are determined to develop Liberia and the West African Mano River sub-region. We believe in the power of unity, diversity, and engagement to create change for small-scale farmers and communities in the Mano River Basin. Join us in empowering those in need and help increase their productivity and financial independence. Let’s transform lives together!