Advocacy & Social Sustainability Projects

Advocacy & Social Sustainability

In Liberia and the West Africa subregion, we advocate for social sustainability and work with governments and companies (public and private) in three areas:
(1) To foster public-private partnerships and enhance private sector innovation and reach while holding it accountable.
(2) To improve the lives of the people they affect by creating decent jobs, goods, and services that help meet basic needs and more inclusive value chains.
(3) To make strategic social investments and promote public policies that support social sustainability. And Partner with businesses to make good quality positive impacts on communities.

The projects presented below are a few projects implemented in this sector. There are many projects carried out by VOSIEDA that are not included. For information on specific project or program, please get in touch with any of our team members. E-mail:

Climate Resilient Agriculture and Ecosystem – Based Adaptation, Liberia

Green Livelihoods Alliance – Forested Landscapes for Equity in Liberia

Light Up Our Futures

Enhancing Resilience of Vulnerable Communities to Climate Change in Liberia

Strengthening Biodiversity Conservation across Ziama – Wonegizi Transboundary Forest Reserves

Civil Society Independent Monitoring of Forest Law Enforcement and Governance in Liberia