Food Security & Livelihoods Enhancement Projects

Food Security & Livelihoods Enhancement

Our food security & livelihoods enhancement program empowers smallholder farmers to transform agriculture from lonely struggles for survival to business enterprises capable of increasing incomes and improving food security. Besides, we work to empower and build the capacity of rural women to ensure that gender equality in food security and environment outcomes are realized in Liberia and the Mano River Basin region.

The projects presented below are a few projects implemented in this sector. There are many projects carried out by VOSIEDA that are not included. For information on specific project or program, please get in touch with any of our team members. E-mail:

Building Community Resilience to Climate Impacts and Livelihood Support through Climate Smart Small-Scale Farming

Animal health, laboratory skills, ruminant nutrition, and vaccination programs

Strengthening farmers organizations in post-harvest technology and community grain reserves

Smallholder tree crop revitalization support project (oil palm component)

Putting nitrogen fixation to work for smallholder farmers in Liberia

Promoting food security in Central Liberia (CL) through commercial vegetable and fruits value chain development and livestock production