Our Team

We are creating sustainable change in West Africa. We work towards empowering communities and families to live productive lives while ensuring the wellbeing of natural and the environment.

At VOSIEDA, we tackle problems by exploring various viewpoints, questioning common assumptions, and stretching limits. Our approach involves innovation, challenging the norms, and dismantling the entrenched poverty barriers to address the latest issues of poverty. Our methods combine forward-thinking strategies with practical implementation, strengthening our ability to suggest effective solutions throughout Liberia and the wider Mano River Union Basin area in West Africa.

Estelle Liberty Kemoh

President - Board of Directors

01 / 05 / 2018

Estelle works to enhance media freedom, build civil society capacity, and reduce extreme poverty. Her passion as a member of VOSIEDA’s Board of Directors is to ensure that the organization’s mission is delivered with discipline and integrity.

Estelle is a development professional with several years of experience. An originally trained journalist, Estelle is a frontline activist working to foster freedom of expression, media development, and access to information and knowledge in Liberia and the sub region. She is particularly passionate about strengthening civil society and fighting for government accountability and media freedom. She holds a BSc in Mass Communication and an MSc in Information and Communication Technology Systems. Currently, Estelle serves as Director General for Administration for the Liberia Broadcasting Corporation. She has over 15 years of work experience with different media and development institutions in and outside Liberia.

Governance and Management

VOSIEDA has a five-member Board of Directors that represents a diverse range of cultures and disciplines. This board is responsible for policy-making, continuity, and oversight. They ensure that the organization maintains its vision, passion for development, and upholds ethical values. The Management Team (MT) manages the operations of VOSIEDA on a day-to-day basis. The team promotes innovative approaches to achieve development-oriented goals and maintain high standards. The non-voting team leader is responsible for leading the Management Team.

Board of Directors

The board and team members mentioned below are not able to answer program-related queries from individuals outside of VOSIEDA. You can search for answers to your questions on our website or contact us via email. If you are a member of the media, please visit our newsroom page to get in touch with a member of our media team.

Management Team

Abigail F. Coker

Programme Manager

H. Timothy Kortu

Team Leader

Princess M. George

Business Development

Amanda Yarsiah

Programme Development

Joseph Kamara

Programme Manager

Leila Gbati


Sumon Jallah

Operations  Manager

Leon N. Gehyigon

Program Quality & Learning

Ernestine T. Doe-Gippley


Patience Gibson


Idrissa Fullah


Abigail S.M. Zean

Fund Raiser & Social Marketing

Williams Kun


Oral Porte


Shek M. Selma


Jerome Teah

Programme  Officer

Lorpu W. Paye

Operation Assistant

Moses Golo

Programme Officer

Bemah Sackie


S. Allenton Galakpai

Irrigation Technican

J. Parkinson Zuweh

Programme Officer

Angious Lukorkapeh

Interim (Food Security & Livelihoods)

Tilewoe M. Plator

Interim (Food Security & Livelihoods)

Grace C. Lamah

Interim (Food Security & Livelihoods)

Alexzander Sumo

Maintenance  Officer

Korto Kolleh


Fred Johnny