Media & Civic Society Strengthening

Media & Civic Society Strengthening

Our media and civil society strengthening program delivers technical and advisory services to strengthen grassroots institutions, women-led and women rights CSOs through capacity building. Also, we create platforms for the participation of the private sector and non-state actors in identifying and addressing development priorities at both community and national levels. Besides, we work to  advance freedom of information and expression and accelerate digital media to promote opportunities for citizens to add their voice to public debates and decisions to make the sub region free, safe, equitable, and democratic.

The projects presented below are a few projects implemented in this sector. There are many projects carried out by VOSIEDA that are not included. For information on specific project or program, please get in touch with any of our team members. E-mail:

Economic Recovery from Ebola for Liberia (EREL) I & II

Ebola Community Action Platform (E-CAP)

Liberia Civil Society Capacity Building Program

Social Mobilization and Community Infrastructure Program

Liberia—Community Infrastructure Project (LCIP)

Animal health worker trainings, laboratory skills trainings, ruminant nutrition and health trainings and vaccination programs