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Video is now a requirement, not a recommendation. Whether you work for the UN or a small nonprofit like VOSIEDA, video is now a must. It is not a matter of one solution being right and the other wrong, but when you consider transparency, the video should be on the top of your list. Therefore, we are only requesting that you  check out our videos.  

COVID 19 Campaigns (Addressing the Lack of Access to Health and Wellness Information in Liberia)

Media Strengthening ( Working to foster free, independent, and pluralistic media in print, broadcast, and online.)

Promoting Social Sustainability (Doing Business in Ways that Benefit Society and Protect People)

Women Empowerment & Gender Equality (Powering Prosperity and Freedom of Expressions)

COVID 19 Response Food Distribution Liberia (Helping Communities to Move Beyond Aid)

Will Liberia Ever Learn (Understanding Environmental Degradation and its Impacts in Liberia)