Social protection, Disability, and Vulnerability prioritizing the poorest and most vulnerable in Liberia and MRU Basin Region


In Liberia, some rural parents send their children to live with relatives and friends in urban centers who employ them as domestic workers, street hawkers, prostitutes, and quarry workers — all living without pay and in dire conditions. In 2018, the Human Rights Committee expressed its concerns about reports that children are subject to forced labor, as street vendors, beggars, or domestic servants, and to the worst forms of child labor.

In Liberia, the protection of children remains inadequate. Extreme poverty and high illiteracy rates, coupled with limited livelihood and economic opportunities have made children in post-conflict Liberia vulnerable to all forms of exploitation.

VOSIEDA is assisting women and children victimized by human trafficking and the worst forms of child labor in five stone quarries near Monrovia. We are providing direct assistance to trafficking victims and sexually exploited women and children, particularly working in the artisanal stone quarries near Monrovia.

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