Building Community Resilience to Climate Impacts and Livelihood Support through Climate Smart Small-Scale Farming

Swedish International Development Agency for Development Corporation (Sida)

3 Years


West Africa

Food Security, Climate change and Environmental Sustainability

Project Summary

Funder: Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)
Key Partners:  Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Liberia, Six (60) Farmers’ organizations
Duration: 2022 – 2025
Region: Western Africa
Country: Liberia
Sector: Food Security, Livelihoods, Climate, and Environmental Sustainability 


The phenomenon of climate change is becoming increasingly apparent in Liberia with each passing year. The region is experiencing unpredictable weather conditions, including erratic rainfall, severe flooding, and fluctuating high temperatures. This has resulted in increased vulnerability amongst local farming communities and farmers throughout Liberia, as their customary farming practices are rendered ineffective in the face of ever-changing climatic patterns. Regrettably, agricultural activities are not exempt from contributing to the issue of climate change. In Liberia, traditional farming methods such as shifting cultivation, slash-and-burn farming systems, and rain-fed agriculture systems, along with land-use changes like soil disturbance and deforestation, all have negative impacts on the environment. The impact of these practices has provoked additional strain on critical forest reserves, with deforestation promoting the release of harmful greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, due to the cutting down of trees and burning of vegetation resources.

 The Intervention

The project aims to facilitate climate-smart agriculture techniques, empowering mainly women and youths who are smallholder farmers in Nimba County, Northern Liberia. Its overall objective is to enhance the resilience of rural communities to the impacts of climate change. To achieve this, the project promotes sustainable and regenerative farming practices at a small scale that can lead to increased and sustainable productivity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural sector.

Key facts

Sector:  Food Security, Livelihoods, Climate, and Environmental Sustainability 
Domain: Food Security and Livelihoods Enhancement
Benefiting zone: Liberia
Nature:  Action grant
Duration: 2022 – 2025
Status: Operational