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Video is now a requirement, not a recommendation. Whether you work for the UN or a small nonprofit like VOSIEDA, video is now a must. It is not a matter of one solution being right and the other wrong, but when you consider transparency, the video should be on the top of your list. Therefore, we are only requesting that you  check out our videos.  

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Climate & Environmental Sustainability

VOSIEDA’s climate change & environmental sustainability program work to empower people and communities to protect nature that everyone depends on for livelihoods, fresh water and clean air.

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Food Security & Livelihoods Enhancement

Our food security and livelihoods  program empowers smallholder farmers to transform agriculture from lonely struggles for survival to  business enterprises  capable of  increasing incomes and improving food security.

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Women Empowerment & Gender Equality

VOSIEDA women’s right and gender equality program empowers women and girls to defeat poverty and achieve equality.  We focus on gender because we believe we cannot overcome poverty until everyone has equal rights.

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Governance & Social Development

Our governance and civic engagement program works for participatory and inclusive political processes and institutions; greater accountability of institutions and leaders to citizens  and to the law; and recognition of universally recognized human rights.

Media and CSOs Stregthening
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media & Civic Society Strengthening

VOSIEDA civic society and media development program promotes independent media and delivers technical and advisory services to indigenous communities, civil society, private sector, and governments to enhance their development results.

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Media Campaigns

VOSIEDA runs media campaigns to educate the community and to generate public demand. Our campaigns place development issues high on public agenda and effectively enable them to reach the influential group of policymakers.

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VOSIEDA is working to promote prosperity, reduce extreme poverty, enhance stability in Liberia and West Africa’s Mano River Basin (Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone). If you share this passion with us, then you might be a perfect fit! As a volunteer, you will educate others about the realities of extreme poverty, so they too can be inspired to make a difference. Please fill the form below to get in contact. ​

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