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Video is now a requirement, not a recommendation. Whether you work for the UN or a small nonprofit like VOSIEDA, video is now a must. It is not a matter of one solution being right and the other wrong, but when you consider transparency, the video should be on the top of your list. Therefore, we are only requesting that you  check out our videos.  

Addressing food-insecure communities’ immediate food needs while improving their long-term food security and resilience to climate change through Climate – Smart Agriculture

Establishing Resilient, Low-Carbon Agricultural Systems to Boost Small-Scale Farmers’ Productivity, Combat Deforestation, and Climate – Change in Liberia

VOSIEDA And Partners (Government of Liberia, Media Defence International, Press Union of Liberia, and Liberty Law Firm) Launched Liberia’s First Media Defense Center

Social protection, Disability, and Vulnerability prioritizing the poorest and most vulnerable in Liberia and MRU Basin Region