We network of community-based organizations and volunteers working to protect the planet, end extreme poverty and and empower local communities in beyond humanitarian assistance, dependency, aid and handouts in West Africa.

We are network of volunteers working to protect the planet and promote sustainable development to empower communities and end extreme poverty in West Africa.

We envisage healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities in which there is no extreme poverty; where people are committed to conserving natural resources for the long-term benefits of all.


Ethics, integrity, and compliance are central to our organization, and are at the core of how we interact with our donors, partners, volunteers, beneficiaries, vendors and local communities.

Our team is comprised of our Board of Directors, management and technical staffs. All our staffs are passionate about making differences in the lives of people in West Africa. They demonstrate leadership, versatility, and integrity in their work.

We are committed to working in partnership, believing that our vision would be better achieved through cooperation rather than competition.

VOSIEDA was founded in 2000 by group of young Liberians and Sierra Leoneans volunteers in response to the civil wars that ravaged the sub-region. The volunteers saved lives, protected rights and built better future for refugees and displaced communities across Liberia.

our History
Our Vision

Volunteers for Sustainable Development in Africa (VOSIEDA) is a network of volunteers  working to protect the environment and promote sustainable development to end extreme poverty  in West Africa’s Mano River Basin: Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone  and Republic of Côte d’Ivoire.


Our mission is to protect the environment and promote sustainable development to end inequality and extreme poverty in West Africa.

In pursuit of this mission, we undertake community-led development initiatives to create lasting solutions to extreme poverty in West Africa’s Mano River Basin.

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We are incubator of grassroots innovators

We are an incubator of grassroots innovators and the potential of a better future for local communities and people challenged by poverty and marginalization in West Africa’s Mano River Union. We are a leader in community-driven development. Our integrated approach focuses on systemic changes needed to improve people’s lives.

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We work differently

We facilitate local community groups to identify, prioritize and resolve issues of persistent poverty, empowering participants by equipping them with confidence, skills, resource, and networks to enable them to act together to improve their lives. We work like this because we believed overcoming extreme in West Africa will not be possible without empowering communities to authentically participate and invest in taking ownership, designing and implementing their successful outcomes.

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We Are Community-Builders

For more than 18 years, VOSIEDA has empowered hundreds of local volunteers that have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to carryout various sustainable projects from environment and food security to women empowerment, etc. We are always working to improve lives in West Africa’s Mano River’s basin, and we are committed.

Empowering to advocacy for their Sexual, Reproductive & Maternal Health rights

We think differently

We are now raising new questions such as what can we do differently to end poverty in West Africa? We are also riding ourselves of traditional thinking and start using innovation, creativity, and possibilities to address old and deep-rooted poverty problems. We are reaching the poor and empowering them with information so that they can bring pressure to bear on their leaders as a means of creating a prosperous future in West Africa's Mano River Basin.

Our Areas of Expertise

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to tackling sustainable development challenges. We support communities to overcome poverty and reluctance through grassroots, community-driven development and people center model. We honestly believe in working with partners, and the voices of the people with whom we work are at the forefront of everything we do. We couple this with a culture of innovation and learning that ensures we challenge the status quo to find impactful and sustainable solutions. Our goal is to empower people, families, and communities to end extreme poverty. 

Our work crosscut across several sectors and issues. Below is the essence of what we do and how we do what we do.

We empower communities to protect nature that everyone depends on
for livelihoods, fresh water and clean air.

We empower smallholder farmers to transform agriculture from lonely struggles for survival to business enterprises  capable of  increasing incomes and improving food security.

We empower women and girls in order to defeat poverty and achieve equality. We focus on women and girls because we believe  we cannot overcome poverty until everyone has equal rights and opportunities.

We work for participatory, representative and inclusive political processes and institutions; greater accountability of institutions and leaders to citizens
and to the law; and recognition of universally recognized human rights.

We deliver technical and advisory services to indigenous communities,
civil society, private sector  and government to enhance their development results.

We run radio, television and mobile campaigns to change behaviors and improve lives in Liberia and the Mano River Union.

We promote volunteerism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a network of volunteers, we strive to shape West Africa’s Subregion where people unite and participate in their development. We value diversity and celebrates the contributions of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, and gender identity. 

We continue to train and empower small scale farmers, individuals and communities to increase their productivity, thrive financially and move beyond dependency to productivity in West Africa’s Mano River Basin.

Our Campaigns

Our goal is to run media campaigns to educate the community and generate the public’s demand for decision-makers to prioritize and place peacebuilding, health, and other sustainable development issues on public agenda. And effectively reach the influential group of policy-makers, elected representatives, professionals, political and religious leaders, power brokers and interest groups to act in support of sustainable development in Liberia and the Mano River Basin.

meet Our Team

Our leaders at VOSIEDA exemplify all of the qualities that make our organization extraordinary: integrity, expertise, and a commitment to service.

Cllr. Samuel Kpa-Sarto

Board of Directors

Nancy M. Boykai

Program Coordinator
Women & Youths' Socioeconomic Empowerment

Timothy Kortu, H.

Team Leader
VOSIEDA West Africa

Connect with our mission

Connect to our mission today and play a direct role in planning and implementing programs to beat poverty, tickle environmental degradation, empower women and move communities to achieve sustainable development in West Africa’s Mano River Union.

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