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VOSIEDA has over 20 years’ experience working in partnerships to support communities living in poverty to secure prosperous, independent, and sustainable futures. We undertake holistic and collaborative approaches in all our projects. Besides, we emphasize inclusion, participation, and gender balance as we work with hundreds of thousands of local people through innovative and community-driven programs. Search some of our past development projects arranged per our signature programs. Please get in touch with any of our team for additional information on a specific project or program. E-mail:


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Responding to COVID 19 pandemic, VOSIEDA supports food-insured households and COVID-19 vaccination and prevention efforts around Liberia and West Africa Mano River Basin region.

Healthy, biodiverse ecosystems provide goods and services critical to human well-being and resilience. Our projects empower communities to protect nature that everyone depends on to survive.

We empower smallholder farmers to transform agriculture from lonely struggles for survival to family’s business enterprises capable of improving incomes and food security.

We empower women and girls to defeat poverty and achieve equality. We focus on women and girls because we believe we cannot overcome poverty until everyone has equal rights and opportunities.

We foster inclusive and resilient societies where citizens have a voice and governments respond. Address long-lasting barriers to development, and advance recognition of universally recognized human rights.

We strengthen independent media and freedom of information in Liberia and the sub-region. Besides, we deliver technical and advisory services to local communities, the private sector, and civil society to enhance their development results.

Family farmers or small-scale farmers often lack startup capital to buy basics farm inputs such as seeds and fertilizer. Besides, because many smallholder farmers live in rural areas, it becomes difficult to access these supplies. Moreover, without proper agricultural training, family farmers often do not know how to improve agricultural output. For the majority of them, translating harvests into profit presents an additional hurdle. Pest infestations, lack of transportation and storage facilities, often experienced rotting harvest, and difficulties accessing local trade networks are some of the issues that prevent Liberia’s small–scale farmers from getting the most from their farming.

At the ‘Farmers Support Center’, we provide small-scale or family farmers with improved seeds and other inputs based, making these supplies accessible in rural Liberia. In addition, our technicians provide up-to-date agricultural training to improve crops agronomically and improve harvests. We also help farmers to added value, store their harvest, transport them to local markets, and build relationships with local traders.

The Farmers Support Center was established in 2016 as a project of VOSIEDA with initial funding from the Japanese Embassy for Liberia and Sierra Leone.