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VOSIEDA works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges in West Africa’s Mano River Basin. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more are helping build stronger communities.

Partnering With VOSIEDA

We are committed to working in partnership, believing that our vision of saving our environment, ending extreme poverty and empowering communities beyond aid in West Africa would be better achieved through cooperation rather than competition. We believe if we pool our resources and expertise together, our collective action would have greater impact than what we can deliver on our own.

In addition to funding partners, we work with a range of actors from community base organizations and advocacy allies to research and technical institutions, and service providers.

Project Partners

At community levels, VOSIEDA work with grassroots organizations, cooperatives, small businesses or local government officials, who best understand the issues at stake. VOSIEDA provide these stakeholders support and enhance their skills and capacity so that their communities can unleash their full potentials.

Advocacy Partners

In recent years, more aid money has been spent in West Africa’s Mano River Basin to improve the ‘supply-side’ (building schools, hospitals, creating farms, etc.), which are necessary. Nerveless, assessments in many communities show that these investments are often done at the expense of something equally important: creating demand for those services so that people use them effectively. In response, VOSIEDA partners with like-minded organizations to runs evidence-based advocacy and media campaigns to change behaviors and improve lives in Liberia and the subregion.

Research and Technical Partners

VOSIEDA partner with academic, research and technical institutions in order to capture and apply new ideas, knowledge and practice to real-world settings to support environment and natural resources security, poverty reduction and achievement of social justice in West Africa.

Service Providers/Suppliers

VOSIEDA work with Service providers/ suppliers to obtain essential goods and services needed to advance its development programs. We work with a range of suppliers, vendors, and contractors at the community levels. We thrive to support local.

Some of our partners, as well as past and present supporters

No single organization has the resources and expertise to sustainably address all the pressing development challenges in West Africa. Therefore, we strongly believe in the power of partnerships to create meaningful, lasting impact. By working with international aid agencies, governments, the private sector, foundations, civil society organizations, other NGOs and local communities, we’re transforming lives in dozens in the Mano River Basin of west Africa.

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The  European Union is funding and partnering with VOSIEDA  to support governance and market reforms that reduce the illegal use of forest resources and benefit the poor in Liberia. Our partnership is helping protect the livelihoods of millions of poor people dependent on forests for their livelihoods by reducing illegal logging. It give them a greater say in what happens to their forests and reduce the likelihood of conflict over forest tenure. Clear and secure forest tenure can enable forest dependent communities to double their incomes.


The World Bank has funded and partnered with VOSIEDA with  on different initiatives ranging from youth empowerment, food security to smallholder tree crop revitalization support.  Among different projects, our partnership with the Bank has increased poor tree crop farmers’ income opportunities by rehabilitating unproductive oil palm plantations and supporting tree crop replanting.  Under this partner, we also by supported  preparation activities toward the future development of the tree crop sector and effective smallholder participation.

VOSIEDA is partnering with ECOWAS Commission to promote social stability in Liberia and West Africa’s sub-region since 2017.  We worked with ECOWAS for a peaceful transfer of political power in Liberia in 2016/2017 contested presidential and parliamentary  elections. Our aim is to support ECOWAS’ ongoing efforts to promote peace and security in the West Africa through preventive diplomacy. Our partnership has enhanced the capacity of peace actors, politicians, communities and reconciled winners and losers in Liberia 2017 presidential and parliamentary elections and consolidated democracy, peace and stability. 


VOSIEDA first started working with UNDP in 2008, to reintegrate ex-fighters into their communities after the Liberian civil war. Since then we work with UNDP to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Liberia on many fronts. Some of our recent projects with UNDP include: Climate Resilient Agriculture and Ecosystem-Based Adaptation in Liberia’s Coastal and Agroecological Zones; and Mano River post-Ebola medical surveillance and livelihoods initiative. To get detail information on these projects, kindly click the link below:

Protection 1

Human Trafficking, Child Marriage, Worst form of Child Labor and other form of modern-day slavery is prevalent in Liberia and the region.  The United Nations Human Right (Office of the High Commission (OHCHR)) is funding and partnering with VOSIEDA through the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery to support victims, especially women and children affected by contemporary forms of slavery in Liberia. VOSIEDA is working at the grassroot and national levels to change policies and practices; foster behavioral change and create new social norms to enable abused and exploited people to claim their human rights. We also provide direct assistance and work to set slaves free.

Increasing Civic Participation in Liberia

Among the most fundamental problems facing West African democracies are the continued barriers to widespread participation and inclusion. In addressing this problem in Liberia, UNDEF funded and partnered with VOSIEDA from November 2010  to November 2012 on  a project that laid a foundation to empower civil society and encourage  participation of marginalized populations in Liberia on their civic rights and duties following decades of marginalization, exclusion and conflicts. Our collaboration with UNDEF to promoted politically engaged and informed citizenry and active civil society organizations which led to a peaceful parliamentary and presidential elections in 2011.

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United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

The United States Agencies for International Development (USAID) is active in Liberia and Mano River Union, partnering with governments and civil society including VOSIEDA to address underlying development problems, especially in fragile situations.  As a viable Liberian civil society organization, VOSIEDA regularly partner with USAID funded projects ranging from ‘Liberia Community Infrastructure Program (LCIP) with DAI; the ‘Ebola Community Action Platform ECAP to Economic Recovery from Ebola for Liberia (EREL) with Mercy Corps among others.  Click the link below to read details of some of our projects with USAID.


Small scale farming remains the dominant economic activity among West Africa’s poorest families, but many farmers lack the resources, training, or funds to increase their farm’s productivity. In 2017, the World Food Program (WFP) started a partnership with VOSIEDA to provide up-to-date agricultural training to small scale farmers in Liberia. The aim was to build capacity of farmers to improve their harvests, help farmers safely store their crops and build relationships with local traders, while managing their organizations. Other component included the Community Grain Reserves (CGRs) – a program of WFP Liberia that provides a safety net to offset the effects of seasonal shocks.  This partnership further sought to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable communities to reduce their own hunger through the enhanced management of their food stocks. 

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The Australian Government’s aid program reflects Australia’s values and commitment to reducing poverty and lifting living standards through sustainable economic growth. Although currently focused on the Indo-Pacific region, VOSIEDA partnered with Australian Aid from 2012 to 2015 through the  Australia-Africa Partnerships Facility (AAPF) and the Australia Direct  Aid Program (DAP) to trained 200 female-headed households  in horticulture, livestock farming,  farm management, agricultural value chains and post-harvest management. We also built a small scale farmers organizations capacity building center that is currently benefiting small scale Liberian farmers.

Liberia Climate Justice Campaign (LCJC)

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company. The company is developing the Western Range Iron Ore Project in Nimba County, Northern Liberia. The project consists of production, handling, processing and transporting of iron ore, and construction of facilities such as Sedimentation Dams, Tailing Management Facility/TMF, haul roads, etc.  In compliance with the World Bank Policy on Involuntary Resettlement and IFC Performance Guidelines, the company is required to mitigate negative impacts of her operations on local communities, environment and biodiversity.   Since 2012, AML is partnering VOSIEDA to mitigate its social impact on local communities. VOSIEDA is providing natural resources management advice and agricultural improvement support; agriculture business plan development and land-based agriculture intensification; lowland asset development for rice, vegetable and legumes (beans, peanuts, etc.) production; developing irrigation schemes for lowlands for more than 400 small scale farmers, etc.


UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. UN Women is very active in West Africa’s Mano River Basin. From 2012 – 2013, UN Women and VOSIEDA entered partnership for the economic empowerment of rural women in Rivercess and Grand Bassa Counties in Southern Liberia. We provided training to 250 rural women cassava processing, small business management, women rights and incomes generations, etc.

Farmer Support Center

Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security (GGHSP)

Even though agriculture is Liberia’s predominant economic sector, it is still in its rudimentary stage of development and the role of private sector involvement still leaves much to be desired. The Japanese collaborated with VOSIEDA from 2015 to 2019, to Construct the Small-Scale Farmers Support Center. The center is bringing about a sector-by-sector transformation of Liberian agriculture through enhancing the competitiveness of value chains. It  identify and support existing pioneer small agri-businesses and small scale farmers; stimulate and promote emerging dynamic small scale farmers and entrepreneurs and nurture the creation of innovative businesses whose primary mission involve addressing value chain problems, value addition and hence, bringing subsector transformations in Liberia.

Traimed 6

TBI is a Netherlands based Organization working to improve governance and management of tropical forests. TBI is partnering with VOSIEDA in Liberia to implement the Green Livelihoods Alliance – Forested Landscapes for Equity and Strengthening the capacity of non-state actors to improve FLEGT-VPA and REDD+ processes in Western Africa. Our partnership with TBI is focused on increasing the capacity of communities to resist destructive oil palm expansion and logging;  increase the respect and recognition of tenure rights of local communities by government and concessionaires; increase adherence to the full implementation of policies and laws in forest and land management; enhance the capacity of non-state actors to monitor, advocate and engage with State Actors in forest and land governance processes; and support coalitions of CSOs to effectively advocate on issues important to them and pursue change through evidence-based advocacy and engagement.

The Nature Development Foundation (NDF) is a Ghanan NGO active in Ghana and with partners in Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia. Their focus in these countries have been to interact with the broader land use sector, ensuring basic legal compliance by industry, encouraging responsible forest management and commodity production in general as well as interaction with other actors who influence the forest landscape. VOSIEDA and NDF are regional partners working with a goal of promoting responsible forest management, natural resources management, rural development and governance in the West African Sub-region.

The Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) was established by the Community Empowerment Act pursuant to Chapter 50B of Title 12 of the Liberian Code of Laws as of July 22, 2004. The objective of LACE is to improve the living standards of poor communities through the provisions and strengthening of basic social services and to promote a community-based approach in sub-project identification, preparation, implementation, administration and maintenance. The Agency finances sub-projects of poor communities and disburses to those communities’ funds provided for them in support of poverty reduction. The Agency is supported by multiple donors including the World Bank, European Union, etc. but does not implement community sub-projects. Instead, LACE co-operate with communities or other implementing bodies. VOSIEDA and LACE enter partners in 2008 and work with communities in Liberia central providence of Bong County. Through this partnership, VOSIEDA assisted community-based organizations (CBOs) develop their technical and managerial capabilities in all aspects of sub-project activities. Check the link below to view detail of some of the LACE projects.

– Partnering With VOSIEDA –

for more information about partnering with VOSIEDA, please reach out to us.

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