How We Work

Volunteers for Sustainable Development in Africa is a network of development professionals and  grassroot volunteers working to protect the environment, tackle extreme poverty and inequality; and empower communities to achieve sustainable development in Liberia and the Mano River Basin region:  Liberia, Guinea, Serra Leone.

VOSIEDA’s work is primarily focused on saving the planet and fighting extreme poverty among women, youth, children and other excluded groups. We advance community solutions to address  development challenges and empower local people  to care for  nature that sustain all lives. Below are statistic of how we  work.

Integrated Approach and Impact

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18 years working in Liberia and West Africa's Mano River Basin region.

A grassroot development organization founded in the year 2000, VOSIEDA has worked on the ground for more than 20 years to improve the lives of those who are challenged by poverty and marginalized. We are striving for a West Africa where all people are heard, empowered and productive.

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2,000 plus communities empowered and impacted

VOSIEDA is a recognized leader in community-led development and grassroots innovation. We have worked with activists, community based organizations, national platforms and development partners to help people overcome extreme poverty. We have impacted more than 2000 communities.

Our Programmes

Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability
We are working to protect valuable natural resources and places that we cannot afford to lose such as our forest, biodiversity and critical ecosystems through different field projects.
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Food Security & Livelihoods Enhancement
Our vision is to increase incomes and food security for 5 million smallholder farming households in four (4) West African countries including Liberia, Guinea, Serra Leone and Ivory Coast, by 2025.
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Women’s Rights & Gender Equality
We empower women and girls in order to defeat poverty and achieve equality. We focus on women and girls because we believe we cannot overcome poverty until everyone has equal rights and opportunities.
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Governance & Civic Engagement
We are working promote participatory, representative and inclusive political processes and institutions; foster greater accountability of institutions and leaders to citizens and to the law; and protect and promote universally recognized human rights.
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Civic Society & Media Development
Over the next five years, VOSIEDA will deliver technical and advisory services to indigenous communities, civil society, private sector and governments to enhance their development results.
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Our Strategies

We undertake field projects to keep poor people out of poverty; create livelihoods, provide social safety nets and ensure access to services and productive assets.
Partnering with communities on field projects 90%
Through various innovative programs, we support and invest in local enterprises to improve people’s lives and the communities where these small businesses operate.
Supporting local business and social enterprises 75%
Undertake research to generate evidence-based information to inform development policies and programs.
Research, innovations and technology 55%
Build communities and institutions' capacities in making use of evidence-based information; facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue and build coalitions for collective actions.
Capacity building and policy advocacy 45%

Why Partner With VOSIEDA?

Partner with VOSIEDA to give back to  communities. Each partnership has priceless impact: poor people’s lives are improved, employees are engaged, and great brand reputations are built  among many. Look at the many ways we can partner together, referencing some of our most successful programs in the West African region.