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Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer

We deliver technical and advisory services to indigenous communities, civil society, private sector  and governments to enhance their development results.

We deliver technical and advisory services to communities, civil society, private sector  and state actors to enhance their development results. We provide training and coaching programs to enhance the capacity of civil society and communities and ensure more effective engagements with the state and with key actors.



Countries in the Mano River Union including Liberia, Guinea, Serra Leone and Ivory Coast are making significant strides in their development processes. Despite internal conflicts in the last decade, the region remains one of Africa’s fastest growing region. Some countries in the region have benefited significantly from proper planning, with vision and goals well-articulated in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Despite this growth, development efforts in Liberia and other countries in the Mano River Union remain significantly challenged by severe capacity deficits. This include shortages of critical skills, inadequate leadership, impeding mindsets, and frail institutions, at both community and national levels. These deficits are having severe fraught on the implementation of government development plans and policies as well as donor funded development projects in areas such as agriculture, environment, etc.


Enhancing local communities, civil society sector, private sector and government’s capacity to contribute to sustainable development. Under this program, we to build strategic partnerships, offer technical support in the form of training and coaching, and provide access to relevant knowledge related to capacity building in Liberia and the Mano River Basin.

We also  empower communities and civil society to advocate for improved public services, improved decentralization processes while serving as watch dogs to prevent and combat high levels corruption, lack of transparency in the management of public resources and lack of public access to information.

What distinguishes from others?

VOSIEDA is West Africa based organization that understand the capacity needs at both local and national levels.  As such we implement African ownership and leadership in our capacity development process. We use demand-driven approach, with emphasis on needs assessment, based on responsive intervention in capacity building and clients’ participation to ensure ownership of capacity-building programs. We use innovative and flexible capacity-building operations that can succeed in West Africa’s diverse institutions and political settings and that allow local and national governments and international donors focus their priorities for maximum effectiveness.


 In carrying out its mandate, VOSIEDA pursue excellence, place emphasis on quality and sustainability, recognizing that capacity building is a long-term process and is only worthwhile if development efforts become self-sustaining. In all our work, we seek to actively build strategic partnerships, offer technical support on capacity development to Governments, the private sector and civil society; and provide stakeholders with access to relevant knowledge  and platforms related to capacity building and sustainable development in West Africa’s Mano River Basin region. 

Priority areas of

Over the next five years (2019 – 2024), we will focus on strengthening grassroot institutions, empowering women, supporting economic growth, enhancing skills, and generating and sharing knowledge at the community and national levels. Furthermore, we will create platforms for the participation of the private sector and non-state actors in identifying and addressing development priorities at both community and national levels.

Social accountability is a means of ensuring that the views and needs of commonly marginalized groups are represented and acted upon. Under this program, we encourage inclusivity, participation and transparency in governance practices. We include a specific gender element in our training, which is delivered to staff members, partner organizations, local government officials and social accountability monitoring committees.

We adopt a rights-based approach to social accountability, works in partnership, and build relationships for greater impact. We increase access to public information, support effective management and monitoring of public resources, increase capacity for social accountability, and support citizens to influence legislation and public policy.

Educating communities about the Sustainable Development Goals
Volunteerism is a unique way to bring people together for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. At VOSIEDA, our volunteers are building people skills to transform mindset for sustainable development in Liberia and West Africa’s Mano River Basin.
Providing advisory services to communities and other institutions
Shortages of critical skills, inadequate leadership, hindering mindsets, and frail local institutions among development challenges in Liberia and the MRU. We are enhancing the role civil society and private sector to contribute to SDG in Liberia and Mano River Union (MRU).
Harnessing the Power of Development Media
Most families and communities in Liberia and the Mano River Basin often lack information vital to their development and wellbeing. Our development media program runs evidence-based media campaigns to change behaviors and improve lives in Liberia and Mano River Basin.
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